Google Internship for students

google internship for students

This is a notice to all Indian students, who are interested to work with a name like Google. In India Google is not popular name only as a search engine but also it is now treated as a trend of web or internet. The owner of most popular web activities as Blogger, Gmail, Orkut, TouTube, Picasa, etc Google announced GSC 2012 or Google Summer of Code. This is the program where Google accepts proposals from students allover the world to for creating open source projects. Stipends to get the work or writing codes also available by Google for selected project ideas or students.

Hurry Up! If you are interested in such international debuting platform, then you have some few more days to go for it. Google Summer of Code 2012 (GSoC 2012) is a global program run completely online. If you are a student of any university or college and continuing your degree programs (Bachelors/Masters/PhDs) in Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs, computational biology to mining engineering, etc then you can participate in this event or internship program. The GSoC 2012 program announced on February 4 this year, and the process of choosing Mentoring organizations, program administrators, etc held. From March 26 (19:00 UTC) Google accepting applications from students. The application will be received till April 6, 2012 (19:00 UTC).

To apply for this 3 months Internship program, have a visit to Google Summer of Code 2012 site.

google summer of code 2012 india

After being an participant the Google appointed Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals. On April 23 (19:00 UTC) the list of selected / accepted student proposals announced on GSoC 2012 site. The real thing starts from now, mentors and students will start working or writing codes for their Google Summer of Code projects. The students will have a helping hand and proper guidance from mentors on their projects or queries. Till August 24 (19:00 UTC) the evaluation will go on and on August 27 the final results of Google Summer of Code 2012 will be announced.

best 0f luck for gsoc 12

Not really this program of Google is a recruiting program, but your results will have a great impact on recruiters to have a chance with you. The officials stated they are working on this event with a focus to code or create benefits to everyone with also to boost the technical careers of the participated students.

Best of Luck for the interested students from

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